Male, 45 years
Professional working in IT company – Bangalore

Stress Control Online is a must-have for everybody. An efficient, easy to follow tool which teaches techniques and skills to cope and prevent Stress, Anxiety and Depression. I loved the way the session flows, examples which everybody could relate to and finally all the way all the sessions were tied together. It is an eye-opener to stress along, an enriching experience which everybody should go through.
Female, 33 years old
Freelancer – Thrissur

I now have a lot of skills in my pocket when I’m having trouble, and I’m beginning to look at everyday situations differently. I would recommend this program to anyone who has had trouble keeping it together when stressed.
Female, 37 years old
Teacher – Bangalore

Totally brilliant. Very refreshing to have a course based on research, rather than platitudes. It has a clear, straightforward application path to follow. The evidence- based approach used in this programme made it very real and practical. It was very insightful and has given me the opportunity to empower myself now, there is no one stopping me except me! Overall, fantastic, simple, practical skills. I will be able to use these in my everyday life and make a real change. I have learnt about the damage stress and rumination can do my health and affect the quality of my life. I am really impressed and can already see the positive change in me. Loved all the sessions! Extremely valuable and I highly recommend it to people. I feel each and every friend of mine should do this course and benefit from it.
Female, 35 years old
Manager at a multinational retail company – Gurgaon

Being a working mother in today's competitive world made my anxiety levels go up, leading to personal as well as professional issues. But because of Stress Control Online, now I know how to handle it. Going through the program was really an eye-opening experience for me. The course helped me understand anxiety, and cleared many myths about it that I too believed.
Female, 39 years old
Homemaker – Bangalore

Stress Control online is an interesting concept. It has helped me a great deal in the last few weeks. I was going through a lot of anxiety and stress with my health. I also had just lost my mom in a rather painful manner. I am glad, I signed up for this program. After going through a really tough time dealing with the sudden absence of my mother in my life to dealing with repeated bouts of chemotherapy and related treatment, I was feeling really low and depressed. I remember repeatedly being stressed about every little thing, spending sleepless nights and feeling really hopeless at times. This program has helped me to deal better with my stress and has calmed me to a great extent. I feel more mentally relaxed, more positive, and really know that I don’t have to sweat the small stuff. After six weeks, I am totally convinced about the program and am looking forward to future sessions. The content is very easy to understand and comprehend and suggestions very practical. I had the freedom to take my sessions online anywhere at the time of my choice. My personal coach has been amazing, always lending a patient ear and has motivated me consistently with every single call. I recommend this program to anyone who is going through stress either in their professional or personal life.
Male, 31 years old
Manager at a Multinational Company – Bangalore

Stress Control Online has been a huge help in the past couple of months. I was going through a very tough phase in the last six months and I am glad that I got introduced to this course on time. This program has not only equipped me to deal better with stress and anxiety but more importantly made me aware and understand these signs early before things went out of hand. The course content is very easy to comprehend, and the stress control techniques are very practical and effective. My personal coach has been of great helped in further explaining the course content and the stress techniques. She has constantly motivated me and has really helped me change the way I of think stress control. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone as we all need to be more educated and equipped to deal with difficult times.
Male, 34 years
Corporate User – Bangalore

Stress Control Online helped me to control my anxiety level and be more positive in my personal and professional life. The online course is well-paced with examples that you can relate to of things you face in your daily life. Anxiety has also manifested in the form of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for me. Through this course my IBS symptoms also have reduced. The dedicated coach is very friendly and I felt free to open up about my anxiety issues. In short – Stress Control Online was a silver bullet for me.
Male, 32 years
Entrepreneur – Mumbai

Stress is not a disease, it’s a condition – so you need a different approach to tackle it. Stress Control Online has come up with a holistic approach to understand stress and to deal with it. Mental health is still a taboo in India – people don’t talk about it and one really feels helpless. You need someone to understand you, support you and assure you. Stress Control Online becomes your companion, and does exactly this. The sessions are informative, follow a sequence and are very easy to access from anywhere. Also, your coach – a professional psychologist – helps you to break away from stress and bring back your life back on track. Thanks to my coach Reshmi for her support. Long way to go, guys. "Face your fears, be more active, and boost your wellbeing".
Male, 54 years
Senior Management – Bangalore

As the program promised, I have really become my own therapist. I am now easily aware of my stress levels at any given moment of time, and I know what the causes are and how I can cope it using the skills I’ve learnt. Now it’s easier for me to be conscious of whether I am experiencing a negative vicious cycle – I can accordingly replace it with a positive wellbeing cycle, and stay in control of my life.


Male, 37 years old
Director at Creative Agency – Dubai

From the painful loss of a loved one, coming to terms with it and constantly searching for coping mechanisms to deal with the sudden vacuum in her life – my wife suddenly was a pale shadow of the bubbly, energetic personality I used to know. She has always been an extremely strong and positive person. Even whilst dealing with this – she was suddenly diagnosed with cancer – further worsening her mental and emotional state. Things couldn’t have got any worse. Her morale was low, she was emotionally drained and physically extremely fragile from all of the drugs and treatment she was suddenly living with. Not to mention the anxiety, mood swings, sense of hopelessness and feeling low almost all of the time. In our search for help and looking for answers to deal with this led us to finding Stress Control Online – recommended by a friend. I was pretty sceptical at first as to the efficacy of something like this, vis-à-vis meeting a therapist face-to-face. But we decided to give it a go anyways. Six weeks into the program, Stress Control Online has turned out to be the best choice we’ve made. My wife has shown steady improvement in her emotional state and is a lot more positive today compared to a couple of months ago. Her energy levels have magically increased, shows a more positive approach – which is getting better every day and is showing a lot more will in dealing with everyday situations including her health and treatment. Stress Control Online is an extremely well-designed program, made even easier to choose – given that it could be taken online from the comfort of home or wherever we were, whilst also allowing privacy. My wife looks forward to every new session with a lot of enthusiasm and am extremely happy with the results I can see. The personal coach adds a personal touch week after week with one to one counselling and personalised communication ensuring positive progress. Would highly recommend this program to anybody across age groups. Thank you Stress Control Online. Yours is a unique offering that will help many folks deal with many of their fears and anxieties. Kudos to your team for this superbly designed program. Will definitely update you at the end of the program. Am sure your program will help a lot of people in need in the days to come. Thank you.


Dr Rizwana Begum, M.Sc., Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist

Stress Control Online is really enlightening, well-informed and applicable to daily life. It makes you think critically about many things. Each session includes an excellent review of the challenges and opportunities in each area. The program is entirely practice oriented, and applicable to daily life. It makes you think critically about many things. The instructions are extremely bright and well-informed. The content and presentation is consistently high quality and engaging. Most importantly, each session includes an excellent review of the challenges and opportunities in each area - while encouraging us to find our own answers. Hence, all techniques stated are extremely good and relevant. The program is very stirring, revitalising, bringing lots of ideas, with substantial and in depth knowledge, and case studies. The program emphasises learning from experience and is practice oriented.
Swati Sapkale, M.Phil
(NIMHANS), Clinical Psychologist

Stress Control Online is an interesting and helpful program. The terminologies used in the program are very simple and easy for users to follow and remember. The sequence and flow of educating the users is excellent. I found the emails that recap the sessions very useful. These were followed by the coach’s call which can help users relate the sessions to their specific problems, and clarifies how the CBT techniques can be applied.
Dr Jayashree Dasgupta
Clinical Psychologist, Gurgaon

It is very well designed and adapted for the Indian context with very apt examples. I can definitely see this being helpful, particularly for individuals with milder forms of stress and anxiety who are hesitant to visit professionals.